Sure, I’ve failed. 99% of business owners do.

However, the reason why I have a successful consultancy helping women business owners smash their revenue goals is that I didn’t let my failure define me.

Instead, I wear my experience as a badge of honor. And because of that, every one of my clients WIN. 

“In just 6 months working with you, I have had a 300% increase in my revenue 
compared to where I was one year ago. Despite getting Covid and losing a family 
member to addiction, I was able to manage my emotions so that I could make 
consistent, revenue-generating decisions in my business.” Lorian 

So I went back to being an entrepreneur. This time, I wanted to create something different. 

My heart was healing! 
I started offering money mindset coaching in combination with proven sales and marketing strategies for women business owners and then, I quickly discovered the transformations they consistently make and the results they achieve are exceptional.
And guess what?
I cracked the mindset code for myself, and now, I help my clients 
completely transform their lives with what I am teaching them.

I am not teaching my clients how to memorize sales scripts or how to overcome objections for them to fall in love with selling, 
I am showing them how to be SOLD on themselves.

 "I feel more clear and directed. More focused on my plans and dreams. I have confidence in myself that has come out of nowhere and continually builds every day. It's changed the way I'm feeling internally in my body, for the better, and I'm even sleeping better. I have to believe that it's another result of your coaching. Last night was the first night I didn't wake up. I actually slept the whole night through!" 
Jacqueline Somers, Realtor®️ EXIT Realty Pikes Peak 

"Out of all my coaching experiences, my time with you, Becky, has been the most productive and beneficial. You are helping me uncover the root programming that has held me back my entire life. I am so excited about our time each week. I am amazed at all that I am learning and excited to continue experiencing the changes to my way of thinking and living.
Thank you! Thank you!
Glenda Tivis, Certified Organic Farmer/Elderberry Expert  New Morning Farms 

 "I'm so grateful to be working with you! I have 100% trust in you and know that I can be completely open and honest with you on all things. I leave every session feeling inspired & excited!"
Emily Nowlan, Wellness Coach & Team Business Building Expert  

"I have come really far in my thinking and taking action with your support and encouragement. Your program is making me reflect on myself, what I want, where I am, and how I can get there." 
Lorian DuCharme, Realtor®️ Forever Charmed Homes  

"Becky is truly an expert in money mindset coaching. As an entrepreneur, I was able to identify and clear the clutter that was holding me back from truly going for my goals. She also helped me get crystal clear about who I am as a woman, entrepreneur, and leader, as well as crystal clear on exactly the type of person I serve through my business! I can’t recommend Becky enough! If you can get on her schedule, DO IT! You won’t regret it!"
Jody Barbour, Holistic Health Advocate & Team Business Building Expert