Women Business Owners!
Are you a heart-centered consultant, coach, or solopreneur ready to consistently serve more clients?

Hi. I’m Becky Clabaugh, and I’m here to share with you the secret to loving the art of selling. 

But more than not, you find yourself waking up 
in the middle of the night...
wondering if going out on your own was a bad idea. It’s CRAZY how tough it can be to get more clients, especially when your schedule feels so crammed every. damn. day… right? 
This emotional roller-coaster is exhausting. And stressful. 
And subconsciously, stress makes humans do stupid and useless things to make them feel better. Like mindlessly scrolling on social media, super-snacking on cookies, or numbing out on Netflix. All this because your professional overwhelm is in overdrive as you:

  • Work non-stop for minimal results on the back end. It’s like you can never quite catch up with yourself - annoying hamster-wheel days. 

  • Continue to be bombarded by constant interruptions and never-ending “tips and tricks” that supposedly make your life easier and all they do is make your to-do list longer. 

  • Bury your head in the sand, hoping family and friends don’t ask “how’s business?” because you hate having to answer knowing you’re making minimum wage for maximum effort. 
Feeling blocked and overwhelmed is a real thing. 
And it’s a massive shame 
because you're 
really good at what you do. 
So, let’s stop THAT from happening, shall we?
Taking control of your business can start by learning how to streamline and implement organizing tools that are entirely possible for you. It’s literally like throwing a pebble in a pond; once a ripple gets triggered, the sky is the limit. 

Stop That Coaster.
Move The Needle. 
Create More Calm.
Download the Keep In Touch Made Simple workbook today and transform your business in 30 days (or less). 

In just three simple steps. Here’s how:

  • Sign up now for FREE and download the checklist workbook.    

  • I will give you everything you need to help you take action & stay on track.  

  • Apply the strategies and CELEBRATE a life of calm, clarity and, consistently serve more clients.

    DOABLE daily to-do's plus, all my secrets you will have access to in my newsletters to help you move the needle in your business.
Callie Ammons, Realtor®️ Associate/Broker EXIT Pikes Peak  
Frustration BE GONE ...
From my experience working with many women who are independent business owners, I know that peace of mind is essential to them. 

When they never have to worry about how to market or wonder where their next client is coming from, everything changes for the better….
Consistently Serve More Clients. 
Even when you feel blocked or if you think you hate sales and marketing. Fall in love with easy-to-implement stress-free systems that makes revenue-generating totally reliable. 

Feel Fully Energized and Excited.
Wake up every day knowing that the work you do is powerful and that you are the foremost authority and expert within your industry.   

Take Control of Emotional Triggers. 
And crack the mindset code, so your actions in business are intentional, and your decisions are rooted in strategy for success.  

Build a Business You're aligned With, and Proud Of. 
You went out on your own knowing you have what it takes to create success most only dream of. Now it’s time to align your stars and make it happen.  

Hello there! I'm SO glad you found me!

I'm Becky. I help ambitious, self-employed, and soul-centered women like you break through your sales and marketing blocks.

I’m a straightforward life coach and business consultant for results-driven women who want to consistently and confidently serve more clients.

I’m on a mission to help 100 women leave their unique thumbprints within their area of expertise and become the authority and expert within their industry.

My aim is to set independent business owners far apart from one another and show them how to nail a very strategic and customized marketing bullseye. 

Stop Losing Marketing Traction and Sales to Unnecessary Stress. 

I’ll walk you through the process to business brilliance where you will go from feeling stuck and blocked to being completely booked! 


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