For Results Driven 
Women in Real Estate

Who Want to Have More Money & Fun While Creating
A Business They Love  


Instead of having the freedom to grow your business and your income through
the joy of being your own boss like you thought you would once you got your license...

Are you experiencing emotional havoc, fear, and doubt?

It's not your fault!

There are two reasons why you are feeling stuck and trapped:

#1. Your subconscious is almost 85% of your mind and its primary purpose is to
"keep you safe" from doing things that are perceived dangerous in your business.

#2. You don't have a solid business foundation or a high vibe customized marketing strategy
that lights you up and sets you far apart in a noisy industry.    

If you are serious about getting more clients, this is the right place to start.

Let's get straight to the point. 

You know how to sell real estate and I know how to set you apart from the pack.

Download this is a mighty tool that will help you audit your business and give you some serious clarity.

Then, let's talk.

Does this sound familiar...

  • You have no idea where to find your prospective clients and you spend hours on social media or attending random, time-sucking networking events looking for them.
  • You put in excessive hours running from one end of town to the other, often feeling frustrated and overwhelmed. Kind of like trying to hit a fuzzy target.
  • You dream of clients you genuinely enjoy working with because you want to do your best work. Most days, if you are honest, are filled with a lot of drama.
  • You feel frozen and stuck in your business, afraid to ask for help while smiling on the outside and screaming on the inside.
  • You know something isn't working, but you just can't put your finger on what it is, and you're done spending endless hours a day trying to figure it out.

You know things need to change...


You're ready to learn how to attract your ideal clients who consistently
knock on YOUR door.

You're motivated to take inspired action towards earning more money and create a business you love.

You're willing to nail your rock-solid income goals by implementing a simple & proven plan that works.

The results speak for themselves...


"I have come really far in my thinking and taking action
with your support and encouragement.
Your program is making me reflect on myself,
what I want, where I am, and how I can get there. ”

Lorian DuCharme, EXIT Realty Pikes Peak

" I feel more clear and directed. More focused on my plans and dreams. I have confidence in myself that has come out of nowhere and continually builds every day. It's changed the way I'm feeling internally in my body, for the better, and I'm even sleeping better. I have to believe that it's another result of your coaching."

Jacqueline Somers, EXIT Realty Pikes Peak


Let's Get You Booked Solid®️

Hey there, I'm Becky Clabaugh

I am a personal development and transformational veteran of over thirty years, a Certified Life Coach, Money Mindset Expert, and Licenced Book Yourself Solid Professional®️. It is my goal to share with you systems and customized strategies that work with no BS.

I'm a results-driven business advisor for ambitious women in real estate who want to have fun, make money, and be known as the authority and expert in their community while building a business they love. Let me introduce you to the different ways we can work together:

90-Day Rock Solid Results for Ambitious Women in Real Estate 

 For licensed professional Realtors who are tired of messing around and are ready to build a lifestyle business they love, make more money,
and get more clients in
90-Days or less.

This is for results-driven women who are willing to invest the time, resources, and energy to learn and implement the systems.

I'm not interested in giving you information, I'm here to give you transformation. You'll have access to a step by step video and audio library with training modules and PDF workbook guides while working with me in a group setting on Zoom once a week for 12-weeks where you'll learn:

  • How to make marketing easy & enjoyable so that any agent will love it!
  • How to set yourself apart as a real estate authority and expert in your community.
  • How to manage your thoughts and emotions so you can make decisions from a place of feeling calm, grounded, and confident.
  • How to work smarter, not harder, giving yourself a minimum of 5-10 hours back per week. 
  • How to make your prospecting efforts sustainable, long-lasting, and memorable. 
  • How to build a customized marketing plan that no one else can duplicate which will help you create more money and a business you love.

Additional support and accountability in a 
private community group, not on social media.